Thursday, November 29, 2012

Leah's Baptism and Birthday Party

Leah had her 8th birthday on the 3rd, and was baptized on November 10th.  It was really special to be able to witness such a wonderful occasion, and I was really glad that Jace got to watch, since he'll be baptized in less than a year now!  Leah looked beautiful, and it was so so special. 

Uncle Dane and Leah before the baptism

She was confirmed by Grandpa Sanders after the baptism

I just loved that all the kids gathered to see her in the font. 

We went to Granny and Grandpa's house afterwards to celebrate her birthday and have yummy dinner.  She got lots of fun baptism gifts like scriptures, and journals, and jewelry.  She got her ears pierced for her birthday, so she got lots of fun earrings too.  

We sure love you Leah!  Happy birthday, and congratulations on your baptism!!

A Day Out With Friends

Lynette, Lyndsey, Jessi, and I decided to head to a Christmas boutique in Farmington.  It happened to be on the first big snow day of the year, so that added to the fun! 

Nixon and Madelyn.  He told me that Zizi isn't his girlfriend anymore.  Maddie is.  She's 7

Lynette and Lyndsey trying on some fun hats

Jessi, Austin, Nixon, and Maddie - still holding hands.

Leila was loving the snow!


Sweet pose Nix!  Of course he had to sit by cute Madelyn

The whole group.  Nixon had to show us another cool move
We went home after lunch at Zupa's to wait for some people to come look at our house.  Once they got there, the kids and I decided to head out to a movie.  We saw Wreck It Ralph.  It was a good one.  Brock was out of town in Vegas running another Ragnar race, so it was just me and the kiddos all weekend.  We managed to have some fun without dad, but sure missed him!

Jace Lost Another Tooth!

Jace lost his 5th tooth.  One of the top middle teeth!  They have both been loose for so long, and since he doesn't play with them, or let anyone (including himself) anywhere near them, we knew it was just going to have to fall out on its own.  Well, that's exactly what happened.  He came in one morning at 6:30 to tell me that his tooth had fallen out!  Well, now he has just one tooth up top, and it is slowly migrating to the middle and looks beautiful!  But of course, he won't let anyone near it, so we'll just have to wait for this one to fall out too.  Every morning while we're brushing teeth he reminds us to be careful.  I literally barely touch his tooth with the bristles and he freaks out.  I am really hoping it falls out soon so that he can have a toothless grin before the other one grows in!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Halloween Day was go go go non stop!  I was kind of bummed that we had no other parties or events that we had to get dressed up for besides Halloween day.  At least we had lots going on on the actual day, so they wore their costumes out that day!  The boys have changed their minds a million times about what they wanted to be, and surprisingly they both chose to be pirates!  Jace decided when he found his fun pirate stuff at Disneyland, and Nixon decided about 2 days before Halloween!  Had I known we'd have two little pirates, I would have had Leila be one too!  Although, I couldn't have been happier, and loved Leila's Peacock costume more!  It was just the cutest thing, and it makes me sad that we'll never use it again! 
Anyway, we started the day nice and early at Nixon's preschool trick-or-treating around the classrooms of Woods Cross.  Since Jace is off track, I asked him if he wanted to go to his school parade or come with us, and that was a no brainer!  He chose to come with us because he got candy!  No candy at his parade. 

In Nixon's classroom waiting to go

Bad picture, but Leila was so happy when Griffin got there!

A group shot before we left

Another one in the weight room

I had to snap a picture of Nixon telling Zizi a secret

This is between periods.  They each got to pick one treat

 Then we were able to go home for a couple of hours before daddy's work party started.  The kids got to walk around to each of the cubicles and get more candy.  They also had cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and other treats to eat, and fun activities for the kids to do. 

I'm so happy I have a little girl who loves girlie things and posing!

I had to get a picture of the back because it's pretty much amazing!
 We went straight to Granny and Grandpa's house from there to say hi.  We were sad that we missed Dane and Annie's girls who got there after we left.

Trick or Treat!

Posing for Grandpa to take some pictures.

Love this picture!  You can see my mom walking out of the picture because she had just let go of Leila.  Leila's face was so funny! 

Another shot of the back.  I was so glad that the weather was so nice so that she didn't have to wear a coat to cover all that up!
 Then from there, we headed home to trick or treat around our neighborhood.  I could not believe how many kids were out this year!  I have never seen so many kids walking around in one area.  You would look at someone's porch and there would be 15 kids all waiting for candy!  There were lots of dark houses from people who had run out of candy!  I guess it was because of the amazing warm weather.  Everyone was loving it! 

We met up with Lynette and her girls

Maddie and Leila were both peacocks!  So cute!

Then we found Lyndsey and Lauren and finished up with them.  Lauren was an adorable Hershey Kiss!

We ended at our house of course.  The kids were excited to get candy from Daddy

 And the final stop of the day was Grandma and Grandpa K's house.  We met Brett and Kallie and their kids, Natalie, and Brenda and Steve there.  We had yummy soup, and sat around and chatted while the kids played for a while. 

Leila really wanted me to hold her. 

Cute cousins.  Griffin had already taken off his monkey costume, but Beckett was still Captain and America - as he and our boys call him.

Then Griffin got back in his costume and I tried to get a picture.  It wasn't happening!

We just love Halloween around here!  We had such a blast, and the kids all slept until 9:00 the next morning after such an exhausting day!