Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nixon is 6!

I just can't believe this little boy of mine is six!  He makes us so happy!  He is fun, crazy, wild, tender, sensitive, mischievous, naughty, and so sweet all at the same time!  He really likes school, and loves learning, but it can be hard to get him to do his homework.  He is so tender hearted, and every night he makes sure that Brock is going to come say goodbye and give him kisses in the morning before he goes to work.  Sometimes it's as early as 5:00am, but Nixon doesn't care.  He loves his daddy. Once, he came running in my room around 6:00, crying because Daddy left without saying goodbye.  I told him that he just went to the gym, and would be back before work.  He calmed down, and went right back to bed.  He loves his friends, and wants to play with someone, anyone, every day.  He is definitely our pickiest eater, and mostly survives on Ramen noodles or grilled cheese sandwiches.  He never wants what the other kids are eating, and usually eats whatever Brock and I are having.  He loves salads, and gets a salad with his meals when we go out to eat.  He loves his baby brother so much, and would rather make him happy than just about anything else.  One of my favorite things to watch is on the mornings when Talon wakes up before Nixon, I will go get him out of bed and carry him into Nixon's room to wake him up for me.  Talon loves it!  He gets a big smile on his face, and crawls over to Nixon and lays on him.  This wakes Nixon up, and Nixon gets a smile on his face, says "Hi Talon!" in a sweet baby voice, and they just lie there hugging.  Then Talon will put his face on Nixon's and they just love each other.  I LOVE it!  We are truly blessed to have this little man in our family!!

Nixon had the busiest, most fun birthday this year!  He woke up to 6 balloons hanging from his ceiling.  Don't mind his "room".  When we moved in, they boys were in their bunk beds downstairs.  Then, after a couple of months, Nixon decided he was too scared to sleep downstairs anymore, even with Jace  in there with him.  We moved them to the extra room upstairs in their sleeping bags hoping that they would get over it soon.  Well, fast forward to 4 months later, and Jace has since moved back downstairs by himself, and Nixon still wants to be upstairs, closer to our room.  We still haven't gotten him a bed, or moved his clothes up, or anything.  He still is in a sleeping bag on the floor!  One day, we'll get it together :)

Once he was all ready for school, we let him open a few presents from us.

Then, at school, I brought treats for his class.  He wanted Reese's Peanut Butter cups.  Easy enough!  I got there just in time to see which table earned the most points for the week.  It was his table!  They got to go pick a prize from the treasure box.

His poster had been hanging in the class all week, and I got to take it home

Here he is in his coat with the hood on :) handing out his treats to his friends

Then we met Granny at McDonald's with the Dowdy's for a little birthday lunch.  I didn't even get a picture with Granny!  I told the kids I'd get them ice cream, and of course, their machine wasn't working!  I ran next door to Maverick, and got them each a yummy ice cream cone!  Talon was in heaven when Leila shared with him, and would NOT let go!  Luckily, Leila was fine with that.

Paul thought it would be fun for us to go check out the private jet that he flies.  We headed over to the hangar after McDonalds.   It was so cool!  He even let them sit in his seat in the cockpit, and talk over the intercom!

Then we went to pick Jace up from school, and headed to Boondocks with friends to go bowling.  All of our kids had earned a free game of bowling from school, and the coupon was going to expire today, so we went for Nixon's birthday!

Nixon was so funny.  He would throw the ball, and then RUN down the side to watch it hit the pins!

Talon had fun just hanging out

Jace tried to beat his ball down, but didn't quite make it

Nixon and Jace watching the ball

All the kids

Leila, Braylon, Austin, Jace, Jordan, McKenlie, Addi, Dyson, Nixon, Maddie, Talon, Kylie, and Iza

Then, when Daddy got home from work Nixon decided that he wanted to go to Arctic Circle for dinner.  Earlier, when we were at McDonalds, he asked for ice cream, and I said yes.  He said, But I want to go to Arctic Circle for dinner and get ice cream too.  Can I get ice cream two times?  I said "It's your birthday!  You can have ice cream as many times as you want!"
I love Talon's face in this picture!

Jazz Game

Back in December when we went to the Christmas sing along at Energy Solutions Arena, we were given some vouchers to a free Jazz game.  Well, the day finally came to go to the game.  We dropped Talon off with Grandma and Grandpa K, and went to the game.  We got to sit pretty high up in the stands, but we managed to have fun anyway.