Friday, November 29, 2013


Leila and I went to Lynette's house to get Minnie Mouse manicures before we left for Disneyland.  They turned out so cute!  Mine lasted the whole trip, but Leila's were peeled off before the end of the night. I thought that shellacking them would make it harder for her to pick them off, but nope!  She usually peels them off within the hour, and at least this time it lasted all the way to St. George!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Heather, Jessi, and I took our kids to a fun trampoline place the other day after the kindergartners got out of school.  Poor Jace always has to miss this fun stuff.  The kids played for an hour, and had lots of fun together.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Utah Game With My Girls

So, Brock went to Las Vegas to run Ragnar there, and the Utes had a home game that I did not want to try to brave with all 4 kids by myself, so I asked Justin to come babysit so that I could go to the game with my girlfriends.  Being the best brother ever, he of course said yes, and we had so much fun at the game!  Heather and Lyndsey couldn't come, so Lynette, Jessi, and I went, and I gave the other ticket to Todd.  He sat with some of his friends somewhere else, so we had plenty of room to the three of us!  It really was so much fun - even though the Utes lost - by one.  Love my friends.

The Veterans Day celebrations were really cool

Random Cuteness

We let the kids take a bath in our tub, and they always have so much fun - too much fun.  Somehow water always ends up everywhere, and we swear they are never allowed in our bath again!  They were having fun putting bubbles on Talon's head.  He thought it was pretty fun too.

Talon always loves when I do the laundry.  He loves to watch the clothes as they spin around.

Jace lost tooth number 7!  Like all the others, it was loose for a looooong time before it came out.  The kids were in the bath, and I heard Jace yell out, "Dad!  Nixon just pulled my tooth out!"  We ran in, and there was blood dripping from his mouth, and he said that he was sucking on his tooth brush, and Nixon was trying to pull it out, and he did, with his tooth!  Pretty funny.

Trick or Treating

The kids were so excited to go trick or treating.  Granny wanted to see them in their costumes, so she came over after work, and caught them before they left.  Then they headed out when Daddy came home from work, and went around our new neighborhood.  Then we all drove to Steve and Brenda's, then to Grandma and Grandpa K's, and then Grandma B's.  The kids will be eating candy for months!

In front of our house, with all our fun pumpkins, about to head out

Out at the neighbors

And back at our house!

The Miners'

They grew this massive pumpkin in their garden!  It's almost as big as Leila!

They gave the kids these HUGE Hershey bars!

Then to Grandma and Grandpa K's for otter pops

And finally to Grandma B's for puffed rice balls

Jace's Class Halloween Party

I was lucky enough to be able to help at Jace's class Halloween party this year.  I really love when I get to help out, and see him at school.  He really really doesn't like me to anything, so I was a little nervous to tell him that I had volunteered.  He gets so embarrassed because there are girls that like him, and that he likes, and I'm not sure what he thinks I'm going to do or see, but he really doesn't want me there!  The night before the party he saw that I was separating candy corn into baggies, and he asked what it was for.  I told him that it was for a Halloween party.  He asked what party, and if he got to be there.  I told him that yes, he got to be at the party.  Then he asked again what party, so I told him it was for his class Halloween party, and that we were going to play Bingo and use the candy corn as the markers.  He wasn't mad at all!  He was actually kind of excited, and I was so relieved!  Anyway, the party went really well, and he looked like he managed to even have a little bit of fun, even though I was there.

Ready to play Bingo at his first station

The next station for him was making mummies out of Hershey bars

And he got a cookie

Then it was musical chairs

And then making these fun ghosts out of suckers
And last was making these fun monster bags
Jace and his best friend Dallin
There was a little time after the party before school was over, so they played Simon Says