Friday, March 11, 2016

Bingham Girl's Retreat in Dallas! Oct 23-25

As many of us that could make it went to Dallas for the weekend for a Bingham girls retreat.  It was so much fun!  My cousin Jamie Handy lives there, so some stayed with her, and others got hotels in the area. 

Granny, Annie, and I flew down together
 The first thing we did was have Jamie take us around her fun city of Southlake.  She took us to the High School football stadium, which was crazy!  It seats 20,000!

Mikayla, Jamie, Terri, Me, Annie, Vicki, and Heather

Then it was back to Jamie's for homemade pizzas, chatting, and hot tubbing.

 The next day Jamie had everything ready for us to make caramel apples.  YUM! And so fun!

Then we went to lunch, and did a little shopping, and got pedicures!

Back to Jamie's again for some ROOK!

 And other games

All of us before heading home

Jamie, Terri, Annie, Me, Heather, Michelle, Mikayla, Maria, Amber, Granny, Vicki

It was such a great trip!  I am so glad we did this.  I loved getting to know these sweet women even better!  Can't wait for next year's trip!

Leila's Half Time Performance - Oct 22

I didn't get the best pictures, but we had a fun night at the Bountiful High School football game tonight where miss Leila performed with the Mandonelles at half time.  She did great, and it was cute that all the girls got to wear their Halloween costumes.

Addi and Leila before the performance

2016 Family Pictures

We went with Fotofly again this year for our family pictures, and I am so happy with them!  The photographer was great at making the kids laugh to get real smiles, and their studio is so perfect.  I just love all of them!

Talon - 2 years, 10 months

Jace - 10

Nixon - 7

Leila - 5