Sunday, November 27, 2016

New Year's Eve - Dec 31

I kept track of all the miles I ran this year.  I had a New Year's Resolution to run 300 miles in 2015, and I more than doubled it!  Pretty proud of myself!

 For dinner we went to Brett and Kallie's, and had a deluxe meal of shrimp and crab!  SO good!

Then we headed to Jones's parent's house for games, treats, and so much fun!  

Bean Boozled!  Will it be peach or vomit? Chocolate or dog food? Coconut or baby wipes? Lime or lawn clippings? Juicy pear or booger? Berry blue or toothpaste? Licorice or skunk spray? SO funny, and gross!

Lots of playing crud

Card games

All the kids trying a jelly bean

Let the countdown begin!

All the ladies

 And the men

 Our first family pictures of 2016

Flo Rider - Dec 30

Matt and Mo Draper invited us, and a bunch of other friends to go surfing at Flo Rider for Matt's birthday.  It was so much fun!  Talon and I just watched.