Friday, November 18, 2016

Basketball and Friends

Dec 3
Jace just ended another session of Jr Jazz.  His team of 4th graders decided to play up in the 5th grade league, and did awesome!  I think they only lost once!  I love watching him play!

Dec 5
Nixon has loved playing this year too.  It's so fun to play a fun sport with your best friends!  And he has never let it bother him that he's one of the very shortest players!  He just knows he has to try a little harder, and he keeps up with the tall kids!

Dec 4
I got to have lunch with a few of my favorite ladies!  After we took pictures, I realized that I just don't fit in with these beautiful, long-locked ladies!  I'm glad they let me hang out with them, even though my hair is so short! Ha!

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