Monday, August 19, 2013

Davis County Fair

We went to the fair this weekend, and the kids had lots of fun.  They had a petting zoo, fun rides, and Jace even won a hermit crab! (yay)  He named him Herm.

The Bee's Game

We had the annual Spring Mobile Bee's game night, and this year was even more fun because they had someone painting faces and blowing up balloons for the kids.  We had dinner and then chatted with friends, and even managed to watch a bit of the game.

Jace wanted to be a red dragon

While Leila and Nixon were waiting in line, Leila was knocking on Nixon's back.  I'm not sure what that was all about, but it was pretty funny!

Nixon wanted to be a red dragon too

Leila decided on a butterfly

The boys both got orange swords

And Leila wanted a pink and purple butterfly

Uncle Justin's Birthday

Uncle Justin invited us to Iggy's to celebrate his 37th birthday.  It was delicious as usual, and Maria even brought a cake!  Happy birthday to the best uncle!!  (one of the best anyway)


We went with Grandma and Grandpa K and the Handy's to go see the movie Planes.  It was pretty much like watching Cars, but whatever, the kids loved it anyway!  At Centerville theaters, they have some seats out front that you can test, and the kids always have to try them out.    It's the only picture I got.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lava Hot Springs

Joey and Lynette invited us, the Dowdy's, Johnson's, and Jones' to go to Lava Hot Springs to go tubing down the river there.  Heather had the fun idea to go up the night before and camp, and we are so glad she did!  it was so much fun!  We were in the most beautiful spot where we were surrounded by grassy fields to play on, and had fun games to play, and yummy food to eat.  We hope to make this a fun tradition every year!

First things first, we had to get the tents set up.  We don't have one, so we borrowed Justin and Maria's, and it was definitely the party tent for all the kids because it was so big!

 Lynette brought the flinger, and the boys wanted to give it a go.

I love that the boys were matching their friends.  It was orange day in kindergarten, but Jace and Jordan just happened to both wear red.

Lynette set up a fun game called Blockus, and Jace and Jordan could have played it the whole time!  They loved it so much.

There was this fun teeter totter owned by the campsite, so we had fun with that too.

I caught Leila and Lauren holding hands.  So cute!

Then it was time for the pros to get in the flinger.  SO FUN!

The men played some horse shoes.

For dinner we had hot dogs and chips.  I had my lap and hands full!

I decided it would be fun to relive my old cheerleading days and do some tumbling.  This was after the back handspring.  The ones Lynette took in motion were pretty blurry. I was pretty shocked that I could still do it!

When it got dark we roasted marshmallows and made yummy campfire cones full of all kinds of yummy treats.  I made mine with marshmallows, peaches, white chocolate chips, and caramel bits.  Delish!

Then all the kids gathered around to tell funny stories.  We told them no scary stories, so they were all laughing and being silly.

Jace with his cone

Our family sitting in front of the fire

Our kids had their own room in our tent

The next morning we were treated to delicious french toast, sausage, and cheesy scrambled eggs courtesy of Lynette, Paul, and Lyndsey.  So yummy!

The whole crew1

Up next, tubing down the river.  Lynette and I were the last ones behind everyone else, and we said a quick prayer for safety before meeting up with everyone else.  Then we snapped a picture!  Each family got a huge tube to ride on, and we floated down a couple of times.  My kids loved it, and were having so much fun, but after two times they were done.  The second time down, Leila put her head on my lap and somehow, every time we hit rough water we were in the front and got soaked!  She never even picked her head up to scream or complain, or anything!  She just left her head there, and took the freezing water to the face like a champ!

Then we all took a break at the park and had lunch.  After that, the Dowdy's and Johnson's headed home, and the others went to check out some of the natural hot springs along the river.  It was so cool!  We sat in an area where it was super warm, and just a few feet over it was the freezing river water!

After this we all headed home.  On the way though, we stopped with the Watts' at Maddox to eat.  We couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat there when it was on the way home!  It was delicious, but no pics.
We had so much fun on this trip, and are so grateful for fun friends who invite us to do fun things like this.