Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jace and the Sharks

Jace had his first soccer game this week too, and oh my gosh were they fun to watch!  These boys have been playing together for a few years now, and are getting so good!  They have entered a new phase where they have 12 minute quarters instead of 8, and there are 5 players on the field instead of 4.  The goals are bigger, and they now have a goalie.  They killed the other team, and Jace got 3 of their goals!  He is just awesome, and each player on his team is really good.  And except for the fact that it was so so hot outside, we had lots of fun!  The first half their goal was on the far side, so the pictures aren't very good.  Luckily two of his goals were in the 2nd half, and much closer to us.  Good job Jace!  We are just so proud of you!

Practicing before the game started.  Jace is on the left

You can't see their numbers, but he is number 7.  I'm telling you, his long hair sure has been helpful for finding him in pictures!

He's the one about to kick it


GOAL!  Somehow all of his goals bring him to his knees!

Giving the other team a cheer.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bella's Birthday Party

Cute Miss Bella turned 6 on the 6th of September, and we finally got to celebrate with her on the 15th.  We met at the park by their house and had hot dogs and chips and yummy cake and ice cream.  She was adorable opening her presents, and loved every one of them! 

Leila fell asleep on the way there, and was lucky enough to have Uncle Justin hold her.

I wanted to get a picture of me and my dad and brothers in our BYU/Utah gear.  The big game was that night, and we were all sporting our colors!  The Utes pulled off another win!  Yay!  (I am 27 weeks in this pic)

opening our present

I always love to give the girls a cute new outfit! 

Checking out all her loot.

New purse and shoes.

Love the wink ;)

Beautiful new jewels

We had lots of fun celebrating with Bella.  We had to leave a little early because Jace's first soccer game was at 2:00.  Busy day!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nixon and the Red Dragons

Soccer started last week, and Nixon had his first game with his new team - the Red Dragons.  The uniforms are huge, but he looks mighty handsome!  The game was fun to watch, and Nixon did great!

He wanted me to get some pictures of him doing cool moves.

Jace had baseball that night a half hour earlier, so Brock and I had to split up. 

Jumping down the stairs

Woo Hoo!  Goal!  (This was in practice)

Kicking the ball in

Talking with coach Schreiner at half time

Nixon and Dyson

Getting ready to kick it in again

Good kick!

High fives after the game
We love all these sports, but it sure keeps us busy!  Jace has two baseball games a week, plus soccer on Saturdays, and Nixon has soccer on Tuesdays.  They each have a soccer practice during the week, and then Jace has baseball practice Saturday mornings (and another night of the week usually).  We don't have much spare time anymore, but we are sure having lots of fun!  What's it going to be like when Leila starts dance, and sports too, and then this new baby boy will just add to the fun in a few years! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nixon's First Day of Preschool

I can't believe that this is Nixon's last year of preschool!  He is now the big kid on campus!  Ever since Jace started school about a month ago, Nixon has been wanting to go so badly!  He would ask pretty much every day how many days left until he got to go.  And as we got closer and closer he would say, "I get to go to school today right mom?"  He loves to play with Leila, and they have lots of fun together, but he was just so excited to play with his friends from school.  Well, the day finally came, and he woke right up, didn't fuss at all about getting dressed and having his teeth brushed and hair done.  He ate breakfast, and was so excited all morning.  Here he is all ready to go with his new Star Wars back pack.

Here he is in front of Woods Cross

He can't be serious all the time!

After a few pictures he said, "Now I want to be mad."  Pretty cute still.

In front of the classroom door, about to go in

He was so excited to see Beckett - his best buddy!

Saying bye to Leila

She loves this place too, and wanted to play for a minute.  She loves this slide!