Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful.  I am so lucky to have such a great husband who takes care of me on special days like this.  (My kids were okay too ;))
They got me donuts for breakfast, which I love, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Brock got me the waterproof camera I'd been wanting - yay!  Jace got me a booklet that was all in French- which he wouldn't interpret for me.  He's so funny!  He's doing great in his French Immersion program, but he won't ever say anything in French in front of anyone unless he's at school!  I did my best to translate with my two years of Junior High French, and with the pictures in the book, I think I did okay.  He also got me a cute flower in a pot with a bee and beehive that he painted.
Nixon made me a fun hand towel with his handprints and name.
Leila says the big bouquet of flowers is from her :)
I just love being a mom.  I have had the opportunity for the last year and a half or so, to be home with my kids, and I feel so blessed.  Sometimes it's hard, and especially with a newborn, but there are so many more things that make it so fun, and so worthwhile.  I love laughing with my kids and playing with them.  I love teaching them things, and watching them learn.  I love talking with Jace.  He is getting so old, and we can have real conversations.  He is so smart, and so fun to watch at all of his sports.  I've been working with Nixon on learning to read, and he amazes me at how quickly he's picking it up!  He is so funny, and can be so so sweet!  I have just loved having my sweet Leila to dress up every day, and do fun things with her hair.  She loves watching me get ready and put makeup on, and really loves it when I put some on her.  I love cuddling with Talon.  He is growing out of the stage where he needs to be held by momma every minute, and while I'm grateful, I also know my last baby is growing up already!  5 moths old!  Sometimes (most of the time) I can NOT believe that I am a mother of FOUR!  It is so crazy most days, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.  This is what I am here to do.  I just hope that I can raise them to be good, respectful, kind adults!

All of my siblings went in on a gift for our mom.  A fun fish necklace that she had been wanting to go with her charm bracelet.  When I got to their house she was already for church wearing the pearls, the necklace we got her is the fish on the chain.  It was fun to go and visit for a bit before church started.  I am so thankful for my mom, and that she is close again!  It was hard having her in Malaysia for 3 years, and I am so glad that I can call her for help, and she will be right there.  I love chatting with her, going to lunch with her, and just knowing she is there.  She is one of the kindest, most generous people I know, and now that I am a mom, I don't know how she raised us 5 crazy kids!

Here I am with my kiddos before church.

After church we went to Brenda's for a BBQ.  I had to get some pictures of Talon and his sweet new cousin Jameson.  T looks so huge compared to him!

I have to talk about my amazing mother in law too.  Miss Shauna, I don't know what we'd do without you!  Shauna would do (and does do) anything for anyone at any time!  She is so kind, and such a great mother, mother in law, and grandmother.  I'm sure she is just about over having us live with her, but she acts like its fun.  She babysits for us all the time, besides being Nixon's preschool teacher.  She just is one of the best people I know!

Aunt Natalie brought her cotton candy machine and we made cotton candy.

Then of course the kids had to get in the hot tub with daddy!

I had such a great day!  I just love being a mother!

Leila and Talon

I just had some cute pictures of the little miss and mister.  The other night the kids wanted to run in the sprinklers and I thought Leila looked so darling in her cute suit so I took a couple pics.

Then, one morning I had Talon bouncing on my legs while I read, and he fell asleep.  I had Dale take a couple pictures of how cute he was.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Game Ball!

Nixon got the game ball at his Tball game!  He had an awesome game.  He was playing "pitcher" and someone hit the ball right to him.  He stopped it, and threw it to first (Dyson), and Dyson touched his base!  It was perfect!  He also had some great hits!  He's getting so big!

It has been so dang cold this spring, so we have to bundle Talon up and even put beanies on him for all the boys games.  I just thought he looked so dang cute in his Utes beanie and jacket from Nolan and Treo, so I had to get some pics.

Water Balloons

The kids got water balloons at Christmas, or a birthday, or something a long time ago, and have been waiting patiently for the weather to be warm enough to finally use them.  Well, the day finally came, and they had so much fun trying to hit them with bats, and then throwing them at each other.  Talon and I had fun watching.