Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bunco in Mesquite! July 10-11

Jessi got an email from the Casablanca Hotel in Mesquite telling her about a Bunco tournament.  We thought it would be so much fun, so we made a weekend out of it.  It was so dang fun!  We left Friday afternoon, and spent the weekend.  It was fun to get away and spend the weekend together. 

Saturday we spent the morning by the pool.  We had to check in for the tournament at noon, so we went up and got ready, and then headed down for the tournament.

We had no idea what to expect, and were a little nervous, but it was great!  We were placed into groups of twelve, just like we play at home, and we just played with those twelve the whole 4 hours.  We played like my bunco group where you roll for ones round one, twos round two, and so on.  If you lost, you moved to the next table.  If you got a bunco you yelled it out, and someone had to come mark your score sheet.  They also had mini buncos, where if you roll three threes, when you're on ones, or three of anything but the number you're going for, it's a mini bunco.  We played several rounds, and in between each round they had raffles, and gave away prizes.  Jessi won a round of golf!  At the end of the tournament, they had whoever had the most Buncos, wins, and mini buncos in each group of 12 go to the front for prizes.  I had 24 mini buncos, so I won in our group, and got $50!  Then they had our whole group add up all our buncos, and whichever group of 12 had the most, each person won $100.  We took 2nd place for that one darn it!  Anyway, it was so much fun, and we will definitely do this again!  
About to get started

Panoramic shot of the room


We both won!

This was our group.  We were definitely the young ones of the group, but we loved it!  They were all so nice, and so much fun to play with!

Bow-Hawk - July 9

Leila and Talon were busy in Leila's room for a while, when they both came out and Talon looked like this!  It was hilarious! 

Our little stylist!

Jace's All Star Party - July 8

The All Star season came to an end, so Skee had a big party at the baseball field.  We had pizza and treats and played some of the same games and we played at Nixon's party.  They timed them around the bases, had a longest hit contest, and then played against the adults for a while before they set up a slip n slide into home base.  That was the highlight of the night!  We sure love our coaches!



That poor baby got soaked!  It's not Talon

Scout Camp! July 8-9

Jace got to go to day camp for scouts on Wednesday and Thursday.  He was gone from about 7:30am - 3:00pm, and had a blast!  He got to go on hikes, shoot guns, archery, whittle, have lunch, and probably his favorite thing was going to the trading post.  We gave him a little money each day, and he bought treats and a sling shot for Nixon, a hand buzzer, and other goodies.  It rained a bit the first day, but he said that it felt good because it had been so hot!

Day 1

Day 2

More Lagoon Fun - July 6

We went to Lagoon with Jessi and her kids. Love them!

The Bat.  Leila and Austin are right on the border of being tall enough, or too short.  Some workers let them ride, and some don't.  Today they got to!

Leila and Addi

Austin and Nixon

Talon loves getting into Leila's makeup.  He looks just beautiful!

An Evening Up the Canyon - July 5

The Sanders family goes camping every year over the 4th of July weekend.  I love going to all the fireworks, and parades, and other fun festivities, so we don't camp, but we like to go up for at least one night to have dinner and play games, and hang out with the fam.  We went up on Sunday after church, and it was fun to have Dane and Annie, and Nolan and Treo's families there too!

All the Sanders Grandkids

Kash, Leila, Nixon

Leila had fun on this little rope

Nixon, Leah, Jace, and Bella had fun making a squirrel trap

Trying to look like squirrels

Talon found a stick and a rock, so naturally, he wanted to play baseball.  Not the safest idea probably!


Leah and Jace always want to play games

So do we!  Boggle - I was the winner

All the kids love Uncle Justin, and he loves them.  Here he is playing games with them

Alli, Talon, Leila, Giada, Aria