Monday, July 8, 2013

Playoffs For The Orioles!

Jace and the Orioles did so great this season!  The playoffs were a double elimination series, and our boys made it to the championship game.  The only team they lost to was the number one team, the Astros, and they ended up losing to them in the championship game.  It was fun though, and they said that this was the only game all season long that they had to bat the last inning because they weren't already winning.  It makes us feel good about our young team, who will play together for two more years before advancing, while most of their team moves up next season.  Anyway, Jace played great, as well as his whole team, and we just couldn't be more proud.

Coach Skee talking to the kids after the game

One last team cheer

Since they took 2nd, they got trophies instead of medals

Grandpa Sanders was able to make it to a few of his games this season
Grandma and Grandpa K made it to pretty much every game

Talon is 6 Months!

I just can not believe that this little chunk is already 6 months old!  I took him in for his well check and he's 16 pounds, which is in the 50th percentile.  His height is only 25th, so maybe that's why he looks so chunky!  He is really turning into such a sweet little baby.  He was really hard on me the first few months because he had to be held CONSTANTLY, and usually just by me, or he was crying.  It was so hard!  As he's gotten older though, he has gotten nicer too.  He is mostly happy, and all it takes is someone smiling at him to get a big smile out of him!  He still has no teeth, and I have started him on baby foods now along with formula.  He is starting to sit up, but can't do it for long yet, and he rolls from front to back, but not back to front.  He sure puts up with a lot from his "loving" brothers and sister, and usually takes it like a champ.  He loves his bumbo, and will sit in it for a while before getting upset and wanting to get out.  He can sleep through the night, and does it about half the time it seems.  I would be making him cry it out for sure at this point if we didn't live with Brock's parents and Natalie.  One day he'll sleep through the night consistantly.  Until then, I just have to try to enjoy midnight cuddle sessions :)  We sure love this little baby of ours.

Splash Pad

Well, even though Jace is STILL not out of school, it is June, it is summer, and it is hot!  So the rest of us headed to the splash pad.   It's so much more fun with friends, so Heather and Jessi and their kids came too.  So fun!

This cute boy always has his cute tongue out!  Love it!

I don't know where she comes up with the faces she makes!

Brock's Birthday Celebration

We went to Grandma B's to celebrate Brock's 36th birthday.  He's pretty much our favorite person in this house, and we're so lucky to have him!  We hope we made his birthday special, and are excited to celebrate many many more with this guy!

The Piglet Plunge!

The kids were all so excited for the Piglet Plunge.  Jace was just so happy that it wasn't just me running with him this year!  At first, they were all a little leery about getting dirty, but after you get dunked in mud the first time, you get pretty used to it!  It was so so fun!

Tough Guys!
All the kids who ran
Dyson, Jordan, Nix, Jace, McKenlie, Maddie, and Kylie
Our family before
At the starting line
Cute Jace and Jordan
Love these boys!
Starting to get dirty
They thought the foam was fun

Now soaked, and dirty, and freezing!

Cute Nixon and Dyson on the rope wall
It was only a matter of time until the shirts came off!
Nixon wore his the longest which was surprising!  He's usually the first!

Nixon finally gave in.  Look at these tough guys!
Through the mud pit!

And up the mud hill

It was so slippery!  I pretty much had to drag these boys up the whole hill

Into the mud pool

Aw, so cute
Ew, nevermind!
Jace swam through the last pool and got covered!  
And we made it!!