Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sanders Dinner

Julia wanted us to all go out to dinner as adults while she and Matt were here, so we went to Asian Star the night after Christmas.  It was so good, and so much fun to be able to talk without the kids interrupting.

Dane ordered the hottest sushi dish called "The Kiss of Death"  the waitress even asked if he was sure he wanted it.  He said it wasn't too bad going down.

But then it got worse and worse!  

The whole group

 Afterwards, we invited all who wanted to come over to our house to play with some of our new toys.
Leila and Giada found a nice spot for a tea party

Jace and Leah played the Kinect

And we had a fun ping pong tournament that Brock won.  He always wins.
We played a fun game on our iPad called Heads Up, and then, after Granny, Grandpa, Trip, and Kim all left, we played a little Around the World ping pong.  It came down to me and Brock, and then Brock won!  We finally called it a night around 11:00.  It's so fun to be with family!  We sure miss Nolan and Treo and their cute kids though.

Christmas at Grandma B's

We went to Grandma Bills house around 5:00 for dinner, and yes, even MORE presents!  Where are we going to put all this stuff??  We'll have to have a major clean out to make room for the new stuff!

Jace really wanted the game Sorry, and got it!  YAY!  Nixon got the Disney Headbands game 

Leila got this fun jewelry box that she gets to decorate herself with glitter paint, and jewels, and stickers.  So fun!

Giving Grandma B huggies

This little guy got a mustache binkie!  Hilarious!

Leila got this beautiful Minnie Mouse purse too
Wow!  What a day!  Non stop fun from the minute we all woke up, to the minute we made the kids stop playing and go to bed!  We truly are so blessed.  So blessed to live so near to most of our family so  that we can be with them all on occasions like this.  So blessed to be loved by, and to love to many.  I am grateful for this special day, and honestly I am kind of in a depression that it is already over, and won't be here for another YEAR!  I love being surrounded by family.

Christmas With the Keddingtons

We then headed over to Grandma and Grandpa K's house around 1:00 to spend the afternoon with them.  We opened presents, and then ate yummy scones and slushy orange juice, and it was just like years past when we went first thing in the morning and had breakfast.

The kids in front of their tree before the madness began

Our family

The Keddington cousins - and Zoomer

Let the opening begin!  Leila was more than happy to help Talon with his presents

Jace had asked for Heely's, (shoes with wheels at the heels) and got them from Grandma and Grandpa

Talon loved all of his new fun toys

Leila got Elsa from the new Frozen movie, and a dress to match her!

Utah Ping Pong balls and paddles for Brock

Here she is all dressed up.  Twinners!

A fun plane for Talon to ride - Dusty from the movie Planes

Beckett got Ninja Turtles, and Nixon got a spiderman jacket

Nixon got these three fun Iron Man masks - the sun from the window is too bright!

Brock got to hold Miss Gracie for a bit

Leila loves her so much!
We were sure spoiled, as always, and so grateful.

Christmas With the Sanders

We headed to Granny and Grandpa's at about 10:00 to spend time with them, and open presents.  We had yummy lunch, and played games.  Julia brought her boyfriend Matt, and we all got to meet him for the first time.  It was lots of fun.  We opened presents youngest to oldest, and I missed Talon opening his present, but it was a walker, which we have since put together, and he loves it!

Leila wanted to finish her fishies before she opened her present

Then things got really serious!

She got a fun fluffy unicorn that has pockets all over, for her to hide things in.  And its mouth zips open and shut for another pocket.

Nixon was next

And he got this fun microphone thing that can make his voice sound all crazy.    He won't smile normally for me - like ever.  So this is what we get.  Silly boy.

Jace next.

A fun car thing that he gets to build and put together, which is right up his ally!  He loves that kind of stuff

Brock and I got a gift certificate to Ruth's Chris from Justin and Maria

Julia snapped this picture of me getting annoyed with Nixon and his "fun" noisemaker.
Our kids wanted to get Uncle Justin an extra present for always babysitting them.  He looks good in his new BYU jacket!

Christmas Day

What a wonderful day Christmas is.  I can't begin to describe how much I love it.  I love every minute of it.  From not being able to sleep all night because I'm so excited, to hearing the kids wake up, and making them wait until we can all see if Santa came together.  To watching their faces light up when they see that He did, indeed come.  To opening presents, and getting to listen to them talk to nicely to each other, and be so grateful for us and each other.  To seeing all of our family, and spending the whole day with those we love most.  I just love it so much.  Our Christmas is always filled to the brim with so many things, that I will divide this day into a few posts.
First up:
Christmas morning, at our house, with our family.  I woke up at about 7:30, and no one was awake yet, so I jumped in the shower.  I should have known that 5 minutes into it I would hear Jace yelling at me to HURRY UP MOM!  I did, and then we went into the kitchen first to see if Santa had eaten the cookies.  He DID!  He even wrote Thank You on the paper, and said the reindeer loved the carrots!

Then we went into the front room to see if He had left any presents.  He had!  And he'd even brought and filled stockings for the kids!

Santa brought the one thing that Nixon had asked for this year.  A robot dog!

Of course, Talon was most interested in the wrapping paper and card board

Santa brought our family the Kinect for XBox

Now Talon wanted to play with the ornaments on the tree

Leila helped him open a present

Leila got this beautiful Mickey bracelet that I found at Disneyland

Jace made me and Brock this fun ornament for the tree
Then, Brock told the kids to head downstairs so that we could hook up the Kinect and try it out, and they got a huge surprise when they went down there!
I love this face!

I think she likes what Santa left her!

Leila got this fun high chair, stroller, and bed for a baby cinderella doll, and was jumping up and down because she loved it so much!

And the boys got this awesome double shot basketball game!  They were so excited!

These kids make me so happy!

Daddy and I got Leila this fun Ariel doll that she can do her hair and makeup and nails

Here are the boys trying out the Kinect - Star Wars

And Just Dance 4 - the one game Jace wanted most

Talon was having fun with Nixon's doggy - Zoomer