Friday, August 31, 2012

Mobile Uploads

It's been a while since I've done one of these, so they go back a few months to Brock's 35th birthday!

Celebrating at Texas Roadhouse
I wanted to see what it looked like to put Leila's hair in one ponytail. 
Sundays with church at 1:00 usually Leila misses her nap.  This day she was too tired to stay awake at Brett and Kallie's

At our hotel in Park City, all the kids loved this chair and wanted to be on it at the same time.  Even if Kallie was there first!

I found this picture with about 20 others of Nixon while shopping at Target.  At least it kept him occupied!

We went to play at the park one night and the kids wanted to roll down the hill.  Nixon got stung by a bee shortly after this.
At City Creek Mall Brock told the kids they could get their hair wet.

We should have known it would end up getting them completely soaked!
Our studly boys at the Utah Arts Festival
Our family celebrating the 4th of July at Eaglewood Golf Course

Leila fell asleep like this on the way to St. George

And Jace fell asleep like this!

Cute Leila in St. George

She wanted to wear some of my lip gloss.  So pretty!

Grandma K and Natalie got this outfit for our baby boy.  His first present!

Celebrating Justin's 36th at Rodizio Grill - Maria is really enjoying the drums

My beautiful daughter while Jace was getting a father's blessing before starting a new year of school.  Couldn't resist.

This was in my bathroom!  Disgusting!

I was working on the computer when Leila came up the stairs holding 3 babies.  She LOVES babies, and I'm excited for her to meet her little brother

We went to Granny and Grandpa's one night to swim, but the pool was closed.  We ended up taking a walk to City Creek for dinner and to play.

Leila walked with Grandpa

We got ice cream cones on the way home

The boys teaching Grandpa how to play XBox

I just loved that she wanted to hold my arm while watching TV

Cute kiddos at Seven Peaks

We are trying to get our house ready to sell, so I have been doing little de-cluttering projects around the house.  This day it was the pantry.  It looks so clean - and EMPTY!

Nixon got his soccer uniform, and the fall season will start in a couple of weeks.

Jace lost tooth number 4 at school during lunch!

Game 1 of Fall Ball.  Go Phillies!

He had to write a note to the tooth fairy because he didn't actually have his tooth.  He accidentally swallowed it during lunch!

I love his new gappy smile!

Go Utes!

The Utes season opener was last night - August 30th.  It was a really fun game against Northern Colorado, and we shut them out 41 - 0!  It was at 5:15pm, so it was really hot at first, and then some clouds rolled in and it rained for about 5 minutes.  It actually felt pretty good!  Then it stopped raining, the sun went down, and it was perfect.  It is so much fun to have season tickets every year!  GO UTES!

Neighborhood Barb-UTE-Q

Since college football season started this week, we had our annual Barb-Ute-Q with our fun neighbors.  The Johnsens are seriously the best, and do so much to make sure we all have a blast!  This year was no exception.  We showed up about 10 minutes late, and we got there just as our enemy neighbors (the BYU fans) crashed the party with water balloons!  I love this neighborhood!  Jake and Erin had come up with some games and contests, and had awesome prizes to win. 
First up was "Who can sing the most words of the Utah Fight Song?"  After Todd Jones's awesome rendition, no one else even wanted to compete!  He won a t-shirt.

Then it was "Who can do the best John White "Wolf" cry.  Again, once Veronica got down on all fours and gave an amazing howl, no one else competed!  She won some Utah stickers.

Then it was time for Utah Jeopardy.  Troy Roundy, Kyle Crockett, and Joey Watts competed in this one.  It was pretty funny.  Kyle won a t-shirt as well.

My little girl is getting so big! 

Such a cute Ute fan!

 Then the raffle started.  All the adults put their names in, and it was just luck of the draw.  I kept my camera on Jace in case we won anything.  We did!  A fun Utah basketball hoop for your door.

Our cute family.  Go UTES!

The boys tried to play badminton

Some of the cute moms.  Veronica, Lynette, Anabel, Erin, Me, and Heather.  I am 24 weeks in these pics

At any given moment, you could pretty much find Nixon on the trampoline

All the cute little girls put on a show for us. 

They tried to get Jace to participate.  He wanted none of it!

They have this huge U spray painted on their lawn, so we got some fun pictures

More trampoline fun

We did get hit by some toilet-papering BYU fans while we were there.  Football season is so much fun!