Monday, April 30, 2012

Color Me RAD!!

Some girls in my ward and I decided that it would be fun to do this Color Me Rad 5K in Orem.  Then we figured we may as well make a weekend out of it!  We all got together and headed out to Kneaders for dinner.  Once we got in the car to head to the movie, we realized we hadn't taken any pictures, so we took some in the car.

Heather, Lyndsey, Anabel, Me, Erin

Jessi and Lynette in front
Then it was off to see "The Lucky One".  We figured it was a safe bet that our husbands wouldn't be sad to miss this one!

Then Lyndsey had to call it a night, and Julia joined us and we headed off to the hotel in Orem so that we wouldn't have to get up too early to drive out there. It was perfect.  Right across the street from the start/finish lines.  Here we are getting ready to go to bed at about 3:00am.
Erin blowing up her mattress

Jessi brought bandanas for everyone

Lynette in bed

Julia  had gone to bed a little bit earlier and is asleep.  I didn't fall asleep until after 4!

Anabel cleaning up for bed

The next morning we got up and got ready for the race.  The hotel had breakfast, so we ate and then headed out.
This is our shoes before the race.  It would be a cooler picture if we had remembered to get an "after"!

All of our crisp white shirts!  I hurried and put on my long sleeved shirt as soon as I went outside and realized it was 40 degrees!

The girls were pretty worried about their hair getting dyed. 
Here we are at the start line. 

They gave everyone a color packet to throw whenever you wanted.  We opened one before the race started and gave ourselves some war paint!

Trying to be gentle I guess

Someone from Park City TV came and interviewed me before the race started!
 At each color station there were several people with buckets of colored corn starch throwing fistfuls at everyone who went by.  The race info had talked about that, so we were expecting that.  What we weren't expecting was the liquid sprayers they'd be spraying us with!  It was so fun!
Here we are after the first color station! 

And the 2nd

Entering the 3rd!

I love how everyone puts their arms up!

Me and Anabel

After color station 3

After the last color station

At the finish line!  We made it!
Showing the line from my pants
Julia's shirt was completely white when we started!

Walking back to the hotel
After we got a little cleaned up.  We're all sporting our Color Me Rad shirts and glasses that we got for registering.

I had such a fun weekend with these cute girls, and can't wait to do it again!

Bee's Game

Julia was singing the National Anthem with her group Mountain Blue, so we decided to go to the game.  Justin and Maria came at sat with us too. 

Jace and Nixon thought this pickle was pretty funny

Walking out to go sing

I'm always sitting at the worst angle for pictures!

Up on the big screen

I thought Leila looked so cute with her hands in her pockets!


Jace is loving soccer this season.  Every day when I ask him what he did at school, he says that he played soccer.  I say, No, what did you LEARN at school.  Oh, um, I can't remember.  Well, at least he remembers recess!  I got a few fun pictures at his game the other night.  He's number 4.

Waiting for coach to call him in.

He thinks he's pretty hilarious when he does this

The kids were all eating cheeto balls on the sidelines.  Jace got 6 in at once!

Nixon got 2!  Their cheeks look the same.  I guess Jace has a big mouth!

It has just been so fun watching Jace get better at these sports.  He loves it, and he is learning so much!