Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Carving Pumpkins With the Sanders

We had everyone over to our house to carve some pumpkins.  Two nights in a row!  That's a lot of pumpkins!

I found this fun light set for pumpkins - it's like Light Bright for pumpkins!  Leila wanted to do the kitty

Dad's Vampire Cat

Justin's Shapes Jack-o-Lantern

Nixon wanted to use this fun kit

Of course Jace wanted his to be a zombie

And mine.  A big K with all of our initials - B J J N L T

Annie came a little later with her cute girls

Pumpkin Carving With Friends

Lynette invited us to her annual pumpkin carving party, and because the weather was so awful, we went to Heather's mom's house.  Everyone brought their pumpkins ready to carve, and got busy.  She had apple slices and caramel, and everyone brought toppings to share.  YUM!  She had a fun photo booth set up with props, and then gave prizes out for the best pumpkins.  I swear, I really have the best friends!

Leila and Talon playing with the photo props

Lauren, Addi, and Leila

All of the finished products.

Mine and Brock's.  We really need to get with it.  Everyone else really goes all out.

Kids Halloween Party

Seriously, I have the best friends ever!  Lyndsey invited Leila and Nixon over for a fun Halloween party.  When we got there, her table was set up with a picture of a monster for each of the kids, and tons of stickers to decorate it with.

Talon and Austin found a nice quiet spot under the table

Then, she borrowed the beanbag toss from her sister, and the kids each took a turn

Next up was the mummy contest!

 The best part was throwing it all in the air!  Talon was in HEAVEN!

Then the kids made Talon a mummy

Then it was time to decorate cookies.  My favorite part :)

 Lyndsey even had treat bags and these little mummies for everyone!  So dang adorable!  Thanks Lyndsey!

A twinkie covered in white chocolate with cute little eyes