Thursday, May 29, 2014

Braylon's Birthday and a Backyard Movie

Braylon wanted Leila at his birthday party, so on Sunday we went to Heather's mom and dad's house to have dinner, and presents, a pinata, and cake and ice cream.  The Jace and Nixon were at the cabin with Grandma and Grandpa K, the Handy's, and Natalie, so they had to miss it.  We couldn't go to the cabin because I had to teach in Young Womens, and Brock thought he needed to go into work on Monday (Memorial Day), so we just let the boys go.  Too bad they had to miss all the fun here! But they had tons of fun at the cabin of course.

Leila got him a fun Aligator squirt gun

Talon loved playing with all the balloons

Leila whacked the pinata a couple good times

Let the dive for candy begin!

Then the Fox's invited us over for a movie in their backyard.  We watched Planes, or at least the beginning until Leila fell asleep.

 This is all getting me very excited for SUMMER!!

Last Soccer Day of the Season

I thought I had better get my camera out and take some pictures of my cute kids at their last games.  All of their games are on Saturdays, so it has been kind of tricky getting to all the games, especially when we have two at the same time!  We're grateful for help along the way from family and friends to get our kids where they need to be, when they need to be there.  This day, the games were at 11, 12, and 1, so Brock always had to leave about 15 minutes early from the one to get the next one to his game on time, and I stayed until each game was over, and missed the beginning few minutes of the next game.  At least we both saw most of all the games.

Leila, and the Blue Sharks were up first!  I am proud of my girl for running hard, and playing her best!  The season started out rough last fall with her crying through a lot of the games, and not wanting to be out on the field without mom or dad, but the Spring season was great, and she played every game!  Even scoring a couple of goals along the way!

Love this picture of her kicking the ball in

She was so excited to get her first soccer medal!

Coach Todd and the Blue Sharks
Up next was Nixon and the Green Hornets!  Nixon really improved over the season this year.  At the beginning of the year he really just kind of ran behind the pack, kicking the ball every once in a while.  By the end of the season, he was right in there with everyone else!  He scored a goal at this game!

Love these boys.  Dyson giving Nix a pat on the back after a rough play

 Nixon and Dyson
Nixon got a medal too!

And the last game of the day was Jace and the Green Ninjas.  Jace is awesome!  His favorite position is goalie, and he's pretty dang good at it!  He also likes to play mid, and he kicks butt at defender!  Nothing gets past him!  His team is seriously awesome, and went undefeated all season!  Fall, and Spring!  It has been so much fun to watch these boys get better and better each year.  This last game was a close one, but we ended up winning by one, and Jace had the game winning goal in the last minute of the game!  He scored two today.

Jace playing goalie

I have to post this picture even though you can't really see what's happening.  It was Jace's shot into the goal to win the game!  You can sort of see the goalie diving for it, and Jace right in front of that orange #5

Cute soccer kids