Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jace and the Orioles

Jace has been playing machine pitch again this Spring.  He is getting really good.  His favorite position to play is catcher "because he doesn't have to do much", although he is quickly learning that the catcher is just as important as everyone else on the team, and actually has to throw his helmut off and play his base!  He cracks us up!  He is an awesome batter, only rarely striking out.  He is getting better at catching the ball when it's thrown to him, and he runs so fast - when he thinks he's going to get out otherwise.  His team is number 2 heading into the tournament, following a team of mostly 8 year olds.  We're really really proud of Jace.

I'm glad you can see Dale and Brock in the background in these batting pics

I think he's so cute all geared up as catcher

Down and Ready!

He likes to dance around a bit when nothing's going on :)

One out!

Chatting with the boys after the game

Waiting to hear about the game, and who got the "game ball"

Thinking it's probably going to be him with all that coach Skee is saying

Right as his name is being called

So proud of you Jace!

Jace with his awesome coach Skee

Nixon and the Red Dragons

It's been a fun season with Nixon's soccer team too.  Most of the time both teams just form a sort of dust ball around the ball, and follow it around in a big group.  It's pretty funny.  Nixon got better and better as the season went on, and seemed to care more about it too.  He scored goals a few times, and my favorite is when he scores and then looks up and me and Brock with a huge smile on his face.  Go Red Dragons!  Nixon was also number 7.

Leila is a good sport at all her brother's sports.  She is so excited that she gets to start soccer in the fall!

Nixon and Dyson - best buds

Knocking the big kids to the ground ;)

He thinks that starting a mile away from the ball makes for a better kick off!

Team cheer