Monday, June 11, 2012

Fake Father's Day

Shauna is going out of town over Father's Day next weekend, so we decided to celebrate on the Keddington side a week early.  We celebrated Brock's birthday the same day.  We had delicious ribs, shrimp, chicken, salads, and potatoes.  Followed by chocolate cake for Brock's birthday.  We made a fun gift for Dale from all of the grandkids.  It took a little while to get all the kids to be smiling in one picture, but we finally did it!  It ended up being really cute.  We put a picture of each kid, and one of all of them together in a big collage frame for him to take to work. 

This is the one we used in the frame

Shauna and Natalie had already taken pictures of Griffin alone before I got there, so I don't have those, but the rest turned out pretty cute!

York Drive Block Party!

Saturday night was our block party.  We are so lucky to live by such fun people who we love!  This year we got a bounce house, and the kids were in heaven!  The fire department even stopped by and gave the kids hats and stickers.  Some cops came and were handcuffing some of the kids (and adults), and they thought that was so cool.  We had delicious food, fun music, and great company.  Brock got out the 2 liter launcher ( I don't know the actual name), and that is always a hit.  And besides the kids getting a little antsy and pulling the launcher too early a couple of times (Brock got hit in the face and got a fat lip, and poor Hailey got hit in the foot) it was lots of fun!  Lynette and her family were walking by and we made them stay.  Then we made her go get the Flinger!  So much fun!  It was a little chilly outside, but other than that, it was another successful block party! 

The men set up a TV in the garage to watch the NBA playoffs.

Tyler, Brock, Aaron, and Chris were flinger champs!  They rocked it!  The ladies did it a bunch too, but since I was doing it, there are no pictures.

Crash!  I love it when they all come crashing down!