Sunday, January 31, 2016

Farmington Days Parade - July 11

I was so bummed that I was in Mesquite for Leila's first parade with Legacy Dance!  She started dancing with Miss Mo a few weeks ago, and she absolutely loves it!  After her first day, every day until she had dance again, she was asking, "Is it Tuesday?  When is it Tuesday again?"  She never did that with ballet.  I have struggled wondering what to do with her with dance.  Creative Arts is fabulous, and has the best instructors, but at her age, it's just not very fun.  She is just in ballet, and they to get into another type of dance is another hour a week, plus more money each month.  At her age, I want her to learn all kinds of dance, and then let her decide what her favorite is.  They also only have one performance a year, and the costume is $75!  She wears it once!  They're amazing, and beautiful, but I wish she had a few performances a year at least!  Miss Mo is amazing.  Leila loves her, and she has so much fun every week.  She is learning a lot of tumbling too, which she loves.  Anyway, they are in the Farmington Parade every year, and Brock was awesome, and got her all ready, including her cute hair, loaded up the kids, and went to the parade by himself.

On the float