Friday, November 18, 2016

Some November Randoms

Nov 1-
Aunt Nanny was painting her toenails at Grandma and Grandpa K's house while we were there, and Leila wanted hers done too. 

Nov 4 -
Jace had an orthodontist appointment, and they were showing him how to brush correctly.  They give him a pill that turns his whole mouth purple, and he has to brush until its gone!

Nov 11 -
Jessi and I took the kids to the Peanuts movie!  

Nov 14 -
I love a good Saturday project.  Last week was the garage (no before and after), and this week was the toy room.  Since the flood, like 2 months ago, it has been a complete disaster!  I haven't had the desire to even step foot in it!  But just a couple of hours, and some help from Brock, and it's done!  Okay, I really don't love big projects like these, but I sure love when they're done!

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