Friday, November 18, 2016

Arizona! Dec 4-6

Dec 4
Our sweet niece was being blessed, so Brock and I decided to make a quick trip to Arizona.  First things first, we had to go visit miss Sawyer (and her parents).  Her favorite Aunt and Uncle have the magic touch, and calmed her right down. 

Then, we had to take advantage of being childless, and we went to see Mockingjay in some sweet recliners at the theater!

 Dec 5
Brock and I went on a fun hike/run up Camelback Mountain.  It was such a perfect beautiful morning!  Santa was even waiting at the top with candy canes!

Then, that night we went with my parents and Aunt Penny and Uncle Dan to dinner, and then to listen to Julia sing with the Millennial Choir and Orchestra.  It was amazing!

Dec 6
I am so glad that Brock and I were able to make it for this sweet girl's blessing.  It was a fun little getaway!

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