Thursday, November 17, 2016

Halloween at School! - Oct 29

I sure wish that the kids had school Halloween, but since they don't, we went to the parade and had their class parties on Thursday, the 29th. 

Here they are before school.  Nixon wanted to be a boxer, Leila, Maleficent, and Jace, a zombie.  I'm so grateful for Brock.  He did all the boys' makeup.  I am not good at that stuff, and I'm so glad that he cares about it, and doesn't mind being a little late for work every once in a while.

And here they are walking with their classes in the parade.

Jace stayed in character the whole time, walking slowly with a limp, and had a creep look on his face.  It was pretty funny!

Then I got to go help in Leila's class party.

 Since kindergarten is only half day, Leila got to go play at her friend's house until school was over for the boys.  They made cupcakes!

Then, I was lucky enough to get to help in Nixon's class party too since they didn't overlap!

Jessi and I thought the new Goosebumps movie would be a fun Halloween activity after school.  The big boys loved it!  Leila and T each asked if we could go home when it started to get scary, and were both huddled on my lap by the end, because they were so scared!  Oops!

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