Friday, January 5, 2018

Talon's Scare - Apr 4

Talon fell off the barstool and hit his head so hard that he passed out today.  When I ran over to pick him up, his eyes crossed, and his face kind of contorted weirdly, and he went limp.  I've never been so scared in all my life!  He came to after about 10-15 seconds, and was crying.  I called his Doctor, and then Uncle Dane, and a couple other nurse friends.  They all pretty much said the same thing.  If he lost consciousness at all, then take him in.  We went to the ER, and the checked him out.  They said they could do a CT scan, but that it would probably be worse for him than not because of the radiation.  After being there for a while, and seeing that he was pretty much back to his normal self - he finally agreed to eat a poc-thible - they said we could go, but to watch him closely for the next day or two. Then you can see he didn't learn very well, as he was right back up on the counter eating an avocado - with a sharp knife right next to him.

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